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Inspiring teachers. Small classes. Group projects. Even virtual field trips! A school built with your child’s success in mind.

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The Edu-Together Difference

We’ve seen over and over again how every student can thrive in the right environment. Just because it’s virtual, doesn’t mean that learning has to be one dimensional! There are lots of ways that we bring a quality education to life.

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Experienced, dynamic educators 
Small class groups
Dedicated academic advisors
One-on-one parent meetings with teachers
Virtual field trips 
AP courses and electives (like Chinese, American Sign Language, and even 3D Design)

our courses

Explore courses for students in grades 3-12

Including a full range of AP and college credit courses.

Foreign Languages
Language Arts
Bonim B'Yachad Judaic Program

What Does it Cost?

core curriculum
Math, Science, English, and History and/or Foreign Language

Starting at $1,200 per semester

3 live sessions per week
Design, Coding, Foreign Language non-core

Starting at $585 per month

3 live sessions per week
You can inquire about individual classes with our staff.

What Students and Parents Are Saying

This has been a great experience for our family. When we moved to an online school I never expected Ella to become so involved in her classes and to have such regular communication directly with her teachers. I really feel like they prepared her to do well on the APs and to graduate in spring.

As a parent, the one-on-one meetings gave me insight into Ella’s learning and also helped me to get to know the faculty that was teaching her. Edu-Together was a very strong choice for us and I think it could be a great option for families who want to see their kids excel in their learning.

Sophia N.


"I basically tuned out when school went online. I had just started doing better in school so it was really a bummer (understatement of the year). When we found Edu-Together that really changed. I’m not on Zoom for 8 hours a day anymore and when I am logged on in class, I’m paying attention and actually learning. I like that it’s small because our teachers know who we are. Best decision ever."

Jonathan C.


"I was really struggling when school went online. Junior year is hard enough but having to follow along on a screen was torture. Edu-Together could not have been more different. My teachers were great and made it interesting. Classes were definitely not boring - especially because there were 6 rather than 30 kids.

I’m so glad that we found out about it when we did. I’m looking forward to this semester!"

Rachel L.


Your teaching style was super engaging and organized, and I loved the way you used so many different methods to help me grasp the topics. Whether it be videos, slides, pictures of experiments, chapters to read, or the notes I had from your classes I had everything I need to learn the material.

I appreciate that you constantly checked in with me regarding the pandemic so we could discuss the practical applications of our course to keep the class fascinating and relevant to my life. Thank you for always going over assignments or exams to make sure I could walk away feeling clarity about the topic before we moved on to the next.Thank you again!

Sam R.


Edu-Together has exceeded our expectations of what online learning could be! From the amazing teachers, to the quality of the courses, we’ve had a great experience switching from our local public school mid-year. I would highly recommend it to other parents who need an alternative to what their kids’ schools are offering.

Edward R.


Frequently Asked Questions

When does the semester start?

Registration is open and our fall semester starts on September 1.

What if my child was enrolled in a course through their high school last semester?

Students transfer to our classes from local high schools all the time. To start, we evaluate your child’s level and work to place them in a course that builds on what they have learned or helps them to catch up if they are missing core concepts. Our educational staff work with you to make sure that the course meets graduation requirements to ensure a smooth transition between courses.

What are the credentials of the teachers?

Great teachers are the secret to Edu-Together Academy. All of our teachers have at least 5 years of classroom experience and are US trained and board certified. Most have advanced degrees in their fields and some have even served as school administrators.

How do you evaluate my child’s current knowledge and background in a subject?

This varies by the subject but our faculty uses a variety of skills-based evaluation techniques that may include written exams, oral evaluations, and other practical applications to assess your child’s experience and understanding of the subject.

With typical class sizes of no more than 6-7 students, we are able to tailor the classes to the students in the class, provide enrichment to students who are excelling and adapt the teaching style to students who need more support. Our teachers choose to teach at Edu-Together for this approach and regularly tailor the content and delivery of the subject matter to the students in their class that semester.

What is your accreditation? Does it match up with our state and common core standards?

Edu-Together is accredited by both Cognia and the Association of Independent Schools of South Carolina. As such, our curriculum and teaching methods meet the highest national standards. In addition, all of our courses follow ISTE standards and our curricula have been reviewed by subject matter experts and veteran educators.

What is personalized learning at Edu-Together Academy?

At Edu-Together, we strongly believe that education should be student centered. We meet with each student and family prior to and during the semester to understand their goals and ensure that any issues or concerns are addressed to the best of our ability. Everything that we do is geared towards your child’s academic success.

How do I manage my child’s move from his/her current school to Edu-Together? How do we handle credits earned at Edu-Together?

As an official accredited high school, Edu-Together Academy is able to both receive credits from an accredited school that your child is currently enrolled in, as well as provide official transcripts to another accredited institution. We offer AP courses and full high school diplomas.

How do we pay?

Edu-Together accepts payment by check, ACH bank transfer, and PayPal.

What if there’s an issue during the semester?

Edu-Together’s staff is available to help with any issues that may arise during the semester.
When an issue arises, we make every effort to resolve it in a way that works for the students and their families. Our teachers maintain an open line of communication with both students and parents and are available to address any issues that a student has throughout the course. In addition, our administrative staff are available to you and can help to problem solve any issues that arise. Our goal is student learning and student success. 

Edu-Together offers a full refund if a student withdraws within the first 10 days of the semester.

What do I need to do to enroll?

Enrolling in class is easy. You can begin by completing this online form and a member of our team will follow up with next steps.

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