Due to the current Coronavirus related school closures, Edu-Together is offering several resources for teachers, students, and parents.

All programs are being offered at reduced rates.

Edu-Together is here to help!

Edu-Together is offering the following services at discounted rates...

credit recovery is open

Edu-Together provides live online credit recovery courses in all subjects. 
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For students/families...

Online Courses

Courses can be created for both schools and private students of all ages/grade levels.

Edu-Together offers a full range of live course options that can be designed to fit both your academic needs and your budget.

Online Tutoring

The extra time at home is a great opportunity to get help with difficult subjects.

Edu-Together's team of experienced teachers can help you improve both your grades and your confidence. 

Several plans available,

Foreign languages

Edu-Together offers a wide range of live, personalized foreign language courses. This is a perfect time to start learning a new language.

Courses/programs available for all grade and skill levels.

For schools/educators...

Staff Training

Teachers have been forced to transition to a digital world, with little notice or preparation. This is challenging, even for the most experienced teachers.

Edu-Together offers training for schools and teachers, designed to make your move to online learning successful.

Technical Support

Moving to an online format means that your school's teachers and students are going to need remote technical support.

Edu-Together provides support options that are tailored to your school community's needs. 

Plan Implementation

The transition to online learning requires an organized plan that takes both tech needs and educational requirements into account.

Edu-Toegther's staff have been advising schools on distance learning for more than a decade.

Edu-Together will be providing the services above "at cost" to any schools or students who are unable to attend school due to the Coronavirus.
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